Jomsy Fashion provides social media promotion consulting to all types of clients and businesses in the fashion industry, no matter the size and scope.

We cater to your fashion branding and marketing needs. Whether you’re jumping onto the social media bandwagon for the first time, injecting new life into an existing program, or taking your business to a new level, Jomsy Consulting will teach you techniques that help you achieve your objectives.

At Jomsy Consulting, our philosophy is Listen… Understand… Customize.

We listen to you and your employees in order to help you develop a precise picture of your business, ideas, goals, products and services, customer base, market perception and competition.

When we understand your objectives, we help you audit your current tactics with a strategic analysis, among other things, so we can help you articulate achievable goals for your business.

Then we guide you in developing a social media program that best promotes your business to reach your objectives. This means we guide you in customizing a detailed social media strategy that is specifically tailored to each objective. We introduce you to crucial tools and resources. Then we help you develop tactics to not only implement the social media program, but also to maintain a steady stream that touches your targeted market.
This is a fluid and integrated branding and marketing method that helps you realize success in the fashion world.

You may choose to extend our relationship into a steady availability of Jomsy Fashion Coaching support for up to six (6) months with a monthly retainer. In this mentorship time frame, we will provide continued advice, supervision, and handholding until you feel confident to set sail on your own.
We offer consulting services in English, French, and Spanish.


Contactez-nous pour une consultation gratuite de 20 minutes via Skype afin de connaître vos besoins et vos désirs spécifiques.