Do you love fashion? Do you have an idea but do not know where to start or what to do? Do you need assistance to open the doors of the Fashion World! Jomsy Fashion Business Consulting assists emerging and young fashion designers from all over the world in setting all the steps of their collection. As Jomsy Fashion specializes in working with new designers, we will coach you from A to Z through all the stages of the creative process up to the final result of your project.

Jomsy Fashion works with designers who have many different budgets and needs, so we can tailor a custom package that is right for you. We work with you closely from start to finish and coach you on all the steps to creating your clothing line which you will be proud of.



Producing a fashion collection takes hard work and focus. Here at Jomsy Fashion Business Consulting, we listen to you and your employees in order to help you develop your fashion collection into a money-making business.
We ask the right questions so we get to know who you are and what your goals are. We listen to your ideas, your questions, and your inspirations.

That’s how we get a precise picture of your business, ideas, goals, products and services, your customer base, who your competition is, and your marketing strategies.


After fully understanding your idea for the full fashion line project, your goals, the type of product, your financial capacity, and your needs, we then know where you are going. Therefore we can customize the program to help you get there. Assisting you to develop a tactical plan to realize your goals. We do this by guiding you through strategic analysis, measurement, and metrics. Guiding you through a social media audit. We then help you to develop a detailed plan to meet your fashion line goals.

To learn more about how to unlock the doors to success in the fashion industry schedule a consultation.


Jomsy Fashion Business Consulting guides you in developing your marketing plan that is crucial to the success of your fashion line. We help you find solutions. Preparing you and motivate you to achieve your dream.  Teaching you how to target your market… tailor company objectives… and focus your efforts toward a successful end result. From the initial analysis to the maintenance of your products, we guide you in developing clear-cut ideas, using necessary tools and resources (such as software and staffing), developing realistic timelines and budgets. Finally, we help you to implement, maintain, and promote your strategic plan to stay on course to fashion success.

To learn more about how to unlock the doors to success in the fashion industry schedule a consultation


Sylvie de Gil


Jomsy Fashion was founded by Sylvie de Gil in Beverly Hills, California. She is a French business woman who has parlayed her fashion expertise and life-long visual arts experience into an innovative fashion industry business. She formed Jomsy Fashion Consultants with the goal of coaching you (and other fashion designers, fashionistas, and those who want to break into the fashion industry) towards building a solid foundation for clothing line production that you can duplicate again and again no matter the type of clothing collection.


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