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Reviews Jomsy Fashion 09/29/2016

Jomsy Fashion is the Best place to learn about Fashion Industry and how to make your Fashion Dream come true !
My experience was really complete and useful ! Sylvie is really good in this area, she tailored tailor your strategy by targeting your need and personality !
Complete, intense and great moment spent with you Sylvie ! Thanks a lot !
– Jo S.,California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 07/11/2016

If you are looking to get into fashion, Jomsy is your first stop. I met with Sylvie and took the ‘How to Start Your Own Fashion Line’ course. She was beyond helpful, encouraging and very enthusiastic about my project. She isn’t your normal teacher. She is willing to go above and beyond to leverage her contacts to help you get your foot in the door. 5 Stars! – Emily G.,Pennsylvania

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 06/20/2016

Jomsy Fashion is a great at what they do, I love that they are focused on putting the customer first. This is very important to me and they exemplify this to the T. Their workshops are great because they really try to produce the best service for their customers.
They really help you see all areas of fashion and they really help you achieve and accomplish your goals! This business is really focused on helping you start your line with ease! They help you really find you passion and produce your voice. They help you refine and steer you fashion line to success.

Their workshops really help you get your name out there and help you get connected with the heavy hitters in the business industry. This place is great at what they do and they take pride in helping their clients and students out! Jomsy Fashion gives you the critiques and skills that will help jumpstart your future in the fashion industry. Great place and definitely recommend if you want to continue your journey into the fashion world. – Christopher D., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 06/09/2016

Jomsy Fashion hands down is the best at what they do, they have an amazing workshop which helps you step by step to achieve your goals, provide you with a lot of information such as providers, how to develop new products, and brand new fresh ideas that will help you expand your goals and give you a lot more ideas to expand greatly.
The service is outstanding ,everyone is extremely supportive, very professional, and very charismatic. Jomsy Fashion will guide you thru the process of making ideas a reality, as they did for me. My fashion line is ready to launch all because of them.I recommend you jomsy. Thank you Jomsy for guiding me into the right direction.
– Eddie C., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 02/23/2016

I am a junior in college and at the end of this year I would like to start my own line however I didn’t know where to start. I found Jomsy Fashion through a friend and she had just finished their workshop and she recommended it. The workshop was great not only did I learn how to begin my line but I got a lot contacts from different providers that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get. You guys should take the workshop I totally recommend it! – Maria D., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 05/17/2016

Just perfect if you know nothing about the fashion industry AND don’t know where to start. Sylvie is really kind and guides you through every step with warmth and enthusiasm. I did the 5 days’ workshop from France and definitely recommend it! — Nicaise N., France

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 12/13/2015

I’ve been trying for the longest to design a babies clothing line since I am a mother of 3. It was always a nightmare to find comfortable clothes for my kids but the people from jomsy fashion guided me through the process of creating clothes for babies so other mothers like me can have other options of clothes for their babies. Thank you so much jomsy for helping me with this new venture in my life, it was an amazing experience. – Allison S., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 12/02/2015

My fashionista BFF and I went to Jomsy Fashion located at the heart of the fashion district for some miracle work….Of course anyone who knows me knows that I have no sense of style or fashion what’s so ever but my friend Amy(who studied fashion in college) loves that’s stuff and can be extremely gotti at times but hey…opposite attract! Haha! I’m boring, she’s wild…0_0
Anyways, they advised her in how to developed a new line of leather bags… And I know It’s always been a dream of hers to have costume made hand bags and when they turned her ideas into reality, I personally couldn’t believe it…So cool.
Besides the excellent, intimate, welcoming and helpful personnel yet professional hands here, the experience was memorable every step of the way for both of us. And when I say “us” I mean Amy and I and Josmy. Lol
– Monica K., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 06/09/2016

I worked for Sylvie as a marketing intern, I wasn’t even paid. But she did help me to design my own line. And I go there every day, not for working for her, but for working on my professional project. She is really professional and helpful and my line is on very good way!.
She helped me a lot with my clothing line and gave me the right directions and contacts to realize my projects. The whole team is really helpful. I met some of her clients who were glad to collaborate with Jomsy. I would recommend this company without any hesitation if you want to create your own clothing line. Even if you’re not a professional in the fashion industry, you will learn a lot and will know how to launch your brand!
– Mathieu B., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 12/07/2014

I would say Jomsy is the one stop shop in Los Angeles for Fashion Designers.
I developed my last collection with Jomsy. I had a great experience, they redesigned my rough sketches into professional flat sketches, a professional pattern maker draped every piece and assisted me during the fitting. The sewing was impeccable. Sylvie kindly took care of the photoshoot of my lookbook . This was like a dream come true. – Victoria D. ,California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 06/13/2013

I am a French designer living in Paris. I did my luxury clothing line in Los Angeles with Jomsy and Sylvie and I come every 3 months. Working with Sylvie helped me a lot to prepare my line, I did an incredible job, she coaches me a lot, and now I’m planning to go to Las Vegas fashion show. Thank you Sylvie and all of your staff! I love you! – Tonya S., France

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 05/29/2013

I am an East Coast based designer of Laura Rene’, and have worked with Jomsy and Sylvie De Gil for over a year. After researching and visiting several private label advisers, I chose Sylvie as the gem in the industry. She has gone above and beyond to see my designs from conception to completion and has helped beyond what was asked of her and the Jomsy Team with the upmost professionalism.
She had the most experienced French and Latin pattern makers cut my apparel to my specifications and everyone was extremely easy to work with. I look forward to Jomsy and Sylvie De Gil continuing to be Brand Manager for my brand and to further expand my label of mid to luxury ready to wear for women with curves.
– Laura Rene’ Private Label, Ltd Laura Rene’, Designer., North Carolina

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 05/29/2013

I am a Los Angeles based fashion designer and I have been working with Jomsy for almost 1 year and HIGHLY recommend Jomsy!!! Sylvie and her team are very knowledgeable of the fashion industry, production, & marketing and they are thorough and they actually care about their clients.
They are also reasonably priced and offer very high quality work. Sylvie is a perfectionist who will work until your line until it is as perfect as you envisioned it to be; I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Jomsy and would recommend them to anyone looking to launch or grow their label in LA.
– Tara L., California

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 5/28/2013

I am a designer and have been working with Jomsy for about a year. I waited years to find the right person to work with as I had great ideas but limited knowledge on how to get it all going. Sylvie of Jomsy made me feel very comfortable, not with promises, just on a personal level, and without hesitation, we began our first project.

The team took extra time to understand exactly what was in my head, and went the extra mile to help me source fabric, across the country I am mind you. i was sent emails, text photos, and skyped to get my opinions, etc… I was so at ease, I felt like I was working with family. That is honestly true. The workmanship is better than I imagined. I design couture dresses and the patterns and final product were just amazing, really.

I hardly ever write reviews, unless I am truly passionate about what I am saying. Designers, if you are looking for guidance and someone to help start your own line, beleive me, you are in the best of hands. Jomsy knows fashion, fabrics, and most importantly, understands the significance of a good pattern. I am so excited to do our next dress. They are in my head, and I know Jomsy will deliver another stellar dress.
Thank you Sylvie!! Xoxo
– Theresa M.  for “Tresana”., New Jersey

Reviews Jomsy Fashion 5/24/2013

We’ve worked with Jomsy and Sylvie; the owner of Jomsy. We had the best experience. We met Sylvie on the phone considering we’re based in New York and we even went to Los Angeles just to meet Sylvie in person (She’s that great and lovely to work with).
She is very professional and she loves what she’s doing and most importantly she knows what she’s doing.

We were just starting as a company and Sylvie helped us immensely. Jomsy has a great team and they pay great attention to detail. Not only they will help you create your own line, they will also help pushing your brand into the fashion world.
Jomsy has helped us creating our line, pushing our brand, providing showroom for us, being our West Coast representative, find & help us publish in LA based magazines and many more. We love working with Jomsy and have no plans to stop working with them. If you are looking to start a label or push your label into the next level, Sylvie is your go to genuine!
– Eray E. ,New York


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